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Generate more creative images from other base images

Ease of Use

Use our easy-to-use interface to bypass the learning curve

Our WordPress plugin offers automation to professional content creators...

You can use our WordPress plugin to generate relevant images within your blog post. Instead of uploading images, just enter the prompt of what type of image you need and hit the PUBLISH button. OpenStock will create high-quality images that are indistinguishable from real photos.

You can experiment with different text prompts and AI models to see what kind of images you can create. 

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How to make AI generated art?

Our AI can create anything you can imagine—all from scratch each time. Trained by millions of images on the web and guided by professional artists and graphic designers.

STEP - 1

"a highly detailed matte painting of a single gas station with a sign in the fog by studio ghibli"

Enter your image description

STEP - 2

Sprinkle OpenStock AI

STEP - 3

Get an Output

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You have seen the examples, inspired your inspiration and know the power in your hands.